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Fleuriste Laurier Rose is a flowers and gifts shop

Laurier Rose Florist formerly known as Julien Florist, is located at 81 AA Georges-Gagné south corner des Bouleaux. (located next to the Yogi creamery)

The Florist is existing since the construction of the shopping center; The Delson Galleries.

Since 2012, it has been taken over by Line Legault, (Florist graduated from the International Academy of Floristry of Montreal).

Line works in the field of flowers since 1985, always passionate about flowers and all that surrounds them, she continues to improve in the field and follows new trends.

Some changes have been made, Fleuriste Laurier Rose is now a Boutique Flowers and Gifts, the area has doubled and the decor is more current.

A new website with Online Store is at your disposal, so you can make your purchases in the comfort of your home.

Its success is relative to the clientele. This is the importance of providing impeccable service, a beautiful variety and quality of fresh flowers, a good choice of plants, decorations and gifts at good prices.

Whatever the occasion or event, drop by the shop and you'll find that little something you're looking for.

At the pleasure of serving you,

Line Legault